Commercial Mailboxes

USPS approved, available in all sizes and colors

My Mailbox Man offers commercial mailboxes for all installations, large or small. Whether your commercial mailbox will be used for an apartment complex, a condominium, or a professional organization, we have everything you need. Our commercial mailboxes are United States Postal Service (USPS) approved, and they are available in various sizes and configurations, such as the popular 4C and CB commercial mailboxes. You can choose from pre-configured commercial mailboxes that are available in a vertical or horizontal layout. Multifamily mailboxes and signs are available in My Mailbox Man’s commercial mailbox product line.


In addition to our commercial mailbox product line, we offer a turnkey service for a complete setup. My Mailbox Man Commercial mailbox services include:

  • Coordinating approved location with post office and developer
  • Forming and pouring cement slabs with bolts that meet USPS specifications
  • Installing 8, 12, and / or, 16-unit cluster boxes
  • Labeling all cluster box slots on the inside with lot numbers and addresses
  • Bagging each key individually and labeling each with the lot, block, and address
  • Delivering keys to project supervisor or settlement coordinator for distribution at settlement
  • Notifying post office regarding installation and provide them with layout so they can install master arrow lock for delivery
  • Assisting you if any key or slot issues arise, including communication with the post office to resolve these for you