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Is installation included in the price?

Yes! All of our prices INCLUDE INSTALLATION in concrete in the grass (we cannot remove/install units in a sidewalk).

What about my old mailbox unit?

We will remove and dispose of your current unit at no additional cost.

How long does it take to install the unit?

On average, it takes our installer about 30 minutes from start to finish.

How long from the time I order to the time my mailbox can be installed?

We can typically install a unit within 5-7 days from the time an order is placed.

Can I use my own mailbox?

Our posts are custom made to fit the mailboxes that are shown with our products; however, if you email us a picture of the mailbox you would like to use, we may be able to modify our post for your product.

Do you repair mailboxes?

Generally, repairs are more costly than replacing a unit.
If you have a repair request, please email picture(s) of the damaged unit so our shop can assess.

What areas does My Mailbox Man serve?

We proudly serve Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Washington, DC.

Your company supplied the mailboxes for my community and I need a replacement unit or part.

Please contact us  and email a picture of the damaged unit.

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