Metal Mailboxes York, PA

You need a sturdy, reliable mailbox in order to receive mail easily and securely. Think about all the important items sent through the mail; bills, invitations, medical information, legal documents, purchases, and more all come through the mail and, by extension, your mailbox. Don’t put your personal information or money at risk. Beyond its functional importance, the appearance of your mailbox can affect your home’s curb appeal. A high-quality metal mailbox only enhances the aesthetic of your property while an outdated or unsightly design can be quite the eyesore. Our mailbox team in York, PA is here to install the perfect mailbox for you.

Proper Mailbox Installation on Your Behalf

Replacing and installing your own mailbox is a frustrating and overwhelming process, especially if you’ve never done a mailbox installation before. Removing your current mailbox takes precision and patience as removing it improperly could increase your overall costs, causing a string of repairs and another possible replacement in your future. Also, self-installation of your own mailbox could even cause your mailbox to have a permanent lean or cause underground decay. Your metal mailbox needs to be sturdy and able to withstand a variety of weather conditions which means a quality installation is necessary to avoid any mishaps.

Our York mailbox experts will work with you to choose a custom mailbox that completes your home. As a bonus, if your mailbox is using cement and going in the ground rather than the sidewalk, we include our removal and installation services in your quoted price. The entire process takes us about half an hour to complete.

The Right Mailbox for Your Property

Whether you are looking for a commercial or residential metal mailbox, our skilled and dedicated team will work diligently to enhance the curb appeal of your home or office. To make the process even more seamless, we offer disposal of your current mailbox. Additionally, our team of installers are specially trained to install your mailbox in accordance with USPS guidelines in regard to required height and distance from road. By putting your trust in our York, PA team, you can rest assured knowing your new mailbox will stay secure in the ground and look flawless.

Each of our posts is custom designed to suit the mailboxes shown on our website. We have a large inventory so you can find the perfect mailbox for your home, apartment or town home, business, or other property. Whether you are looking for a rigid metal mailbox, commercial mailbox, security box, address plaque, or something else mail-related, we’ve got you covered.


Exceptional Service From Repairs to Installation

Not only do we provide exceptional metal mailbox installation, but we also provide timely repairs if needed. Over time, your mailbox may sustain damage from weather elements and cause a distraction from the visual appeal of your York home. Regardless of your reason, we have the expertise and tools to repair your metal mailbox to look like new.

If you’re unsure if your mailbox needs repaired, look for cracks, rot, or deterioration. There could be post damage or body damage including dents or missing parts like the door or the flag. If you notice any of these signs, call our qualified technicians for a quote. We will thoroughly assess the damage your metal mailbox has and inform you of the proper repair plan that will restore your mailbox to its original state. Your York, PA mailbox installers are ready to help you with your mailbox repairs today.

A Great Mailbox Is Just a Call Away

If your mailbox is unattractive, outdated, or broken, it’s time for a replacement. Trust our York mailbox specialists to handle your mailbox removal and installation professionally, efficiently, and correctly. Call (410) 635-6963 to learn more and schedule service.